Gus Martinez
for Orange County Commissioner D#3

Why I am Running for Commissioner D#3

What is the biggest safety concern in District 3?

Human Trafficking. Florida has rank 3rd from 2013-2016. It's not ok for anyone, anywhere to be abducted and forced into labor or sex slavery. We need to be viligent of our surrondings and watch out for mothers with their children, especially in large shopping areas at night. The criminals carrying out the acts may be in luxurious cars, vans or multiple vehicles.

What is the primary need of District #3?

Our biggest concern in not only our district but in our city is definitely affordable housing. This is not a new problem but it's going to become more prevalent now with more than 50,000 people arriving to Florida due to recent hurricanes.

What's our next biggest concern?

"..apply eminent domain to abandoned homes and them into affordable housing."

Security remains a major concern. We have great law enforcement people doing a wonderful job, but they can't be everywhere. We need to revisit neighborhood watches. We need to reacquire properties that have become neighborhood hazards, have been abandoned, have become crack houses, apply eminent domain to abandoned homes and them into affordable housing.

"Stop criminilizing the homeless."

Criminalizing the indigent poor will not solve the growing problem of homelessness. It's been proven that helping them become productive members of society and reincorporating them into the tax base does.

Why vote for Gus Martinez?

"My integrity defines who I am; it is the most valuable attribute I possess."

My integrity defines who I am, it is the most valuable attribute I possess. I wake up every morning knowing I can live with the person I see in the mirror. I know I can look at my children every day and know they respect the person I am.

My work ethic is a guarantee that I will respectfully and morally carry out my responsibilities as your next County Commissioner in District #3.

"You can count on your voice being heard long past you cast your vote."

My community service in the State of Florida since 2010 is from the heart. As the unpaid founder and president of a non-profit organization (Miles of Help Through Christ), I have proven that there is no ulterior motive in my service to the people. I care about helping our citizens.

I am currently serving on the Orange County Commission on Aging. I believe the elderly should not have to choose between food and medicine.

I have started up other programs such as "MOHTC Prom & Graduation closet" which for 2 years provisioned seniors with graduation attire they would not have been able to purchase.

I have founded another program, "Teach Them to Fish U.S.A" dedicated to teaching our young people life skills that will help them become self-sufficient.

My wife and I started 'Changing Rooms' "Changing Rooms U.S.A" which already has serverd serveral countries and some states due to the recent hurricanes.

I am not a politician, I am here to serve the people. You can count on your voice being heard long past you cast your vote. I am #youroptioninD#3

Please accept my invitation to research me and other candidates. Consider my service and my desire to serve you when casting your vote in November. Vote for Augustin 'Gus' Martinez for Orange County Commissioner District #3.

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